Start Me Up with Pilates by Jessi Albin

Start Me Up with Pilates

Get Fit Toned & Flexible 30 Day Plan


Jessi's 30 Day Beginner FIT Pilates Program to a Fitter More Flexible YOU!

Looking for a new way to find your exercise mojo again? 

Learn to transform your core and total body with Pilates, all from the comfort of your home

Try this Beginner FIT Pilates course and experience the secret exercise weapon that Victoria's secret Angels, models, Hollywood celebrities, dancers and olympians have used for decades. 

Roll out your mat.  And change the way your body looks, performs and feels......

This video based course will help you:

  • Feel fabulous by getting leaner and stronger.  
  • Get THE best plan to integrate a mind body balance, tone up and gain confidence. 
  • Integrate fitness into your life and calendar and fit better into your clothes.
  • Understand the basics of FIT Pilates, form & alignment as well breath & flow.
  • Sculpt and stretch your tummy, back and thighs with easy to follow step by step videos.
  • Learn to use home equipment to build core strength & tone your abs.  
  • Increase flexibilty as you improve posture & look taller.
  • Feel energized- wake up looking forward to your workouts.
  • Develop the mindset to reach your body goals.
  • Stay fit without a gym & feel connected to your body
  • Reduce back pain & muscle stiffness
  • Improve your happiness levels and sleep quality. 
  • All from the comfort of your home!

What's included?

Video Icon 22 videos File Icon 20 files Text Icon 8 text files


intro to Start Me Up
How To Use This Course
Monthly Goal Sheet
1.07 MB
goal setting.pdf
1.77 MB
Daily Goals & Gratitude
973 KB
Amazon Magic Circle Link
Amazon Pilates Mini Core Ball Link
Amazon Foam Roller
Amazon Thick Pilates Mat
Amazon Yoga Mats
VIP facebook Group Link
Break It Down- Beginner Basics
Beginner Exercise Library
Arch Curl Clip
2 mins
Ab Curl Clip
2 mins
Hip Bridge Clip
2 mins
Beginner Roll Down
3 mins
Roll Up
2 mins
Side Double Leg Lift
1 min
Prone Leg Circle Clip
2 mins
Beginner Scissors
2 mins
Toe Tap Clip
2 mins
Kneeling Push Ups
1 min
Spine Stretch Forward
1 min
Squat Parallel
2 mins
Day One
The Scariest Moment...
Beginner Pilates Bliss
19 mins
Beginner Body Bliss Playlist
Day Two
Magic Is....
Magic Of the Circle Playlist
Learn the Magic Of The Circle
18 mins
Day Three
Plank It To Ya Playlist
The Journey of....
Plank It To Ya
17 mins
Day 4
Core Dumbell Beginner
17 mins
Core Dumbbell Playlist
Do or Do Not ...
2.34 MB
Day Five
Core Mat Move
18 mins
Mat Mobility
15 mins
Mat mobility Playlist
Core Mat Movement Playlist
Keep Ya Head Up....
Day 6
Lets Werk Dumbbell Sculpt Playlist
Lets Werk! Dumbbell Sculpt
35 mins
Do what you can...
Day 7
Rollin rollin ....with the foam roller
18 mins
Just Roll With Pilates
20 mins
Just Roll With Pilates Playlist
Foam Rollin Rollin Playlist
Progress Not Perfections
Dive Deeper BONUS Day 8
Beginner Ballin'
33 mins
Beginner Ballin Playlist

Get FIT, Toned & Flexible.

Welcome to Jessi FIT Pilates Online! 

My mission is to help YOU Strengthen, Stretch AND Smile! 

I have helped thousands of women and men get leaner, longer, more energized, and feel ABS-solutely fabulous in my career.  Now its your turn!. 

Does your busy schedule make it so that you can't get to the gym or studio regularly?

Well,- No Studio?? NO PROBLEM!  

Learn Pilates & Fitness from a REAL expert with 17 years and over 24,000 hours of experience.  Enjoy all the benefits of machine Pilates, and boutique fitness in the comfort of YOUR home using small props or just your own bodyweight.  My signature method will get you  FIT, Flexible and Firm NOW... 

Learn how to:
  • Transform your core with Pilates
  • Move & perform better with functional fitness
  • Reduce stiffness from too much sitting or driving, 
  • Lengthen and Tone your muscles
  • Chill out and feel great with yoga.
  • No super expensive equipment needed. 
  •  Go Green & reduce your carbon footprint without having to drive, Uber or bus to the gym again. 

I'm bringing the very best of Fitness & Wellness - Pilates HIIT Yoga and Barre -right to your smartphone or laptop.  My online studio will give you 24/7 access to the most inspiring Pilates workouts, healthy recipes and so much more .. lets get fit toned and flexible together!