Jessi FIT Gold 90 Days by Jessi Albin

Jessi FIT Gold 90 Days

90 Day Plan To Get FIT Toned & Flexible

What's included?

5 Day FIT Challenge

Do you need to find your FIT? Have you lost your will to move? Does your current routine bore you? Is your back achy? Those long hours making it tough to get to the gym? Maybe your clothes fit snug? Is it time to get your Fit together? Do you need help getting a routine together you can do at home? Take the FREE 5 day mini Core Workout Challenge! November 6-11 2018 I designed this for busy babes who want to tone up , get mobile, feel GREAT and to have fun as they do it!

February 2019

This is the Monthly FIT Plan for February 2019

FREE E-Book: The Path To Success

Your Ultimate Guide To Mind & Body Wellness Fitness that Fits your life. How many times have you started a fitness plan and failed? How many times have you started a diet then became ravenous after two hours? Here's what you'll learn: How to get on a lifelong path to feel great and get healthy Eat to fuel your life, and workouts To exercise properly and the best exercise tools for abs Discover the tricks to balancing it all utilizing self care techniques  The motivational tactics behind fitness success The success stories of hundreds of my fitness and pilates clients Find out which tools are best for home workouts Arm yourself with 5 Smoothie Recipes to get your day started right Hacks revealed for saving your precious time!  EMPOWER YOUR FITNESS JOURNEY Download your copy now!

Jessi FIT Coaching Documents

This is where you can access the forms so I can coach you best. If you signed up for Jessi FIT Gold or Platinum I'll need this info :)

Start Me Up with Pilates

Jessi's 30 Day Beginner FIT Pilates Program to a Fitter More Flexible YOU! Looking for a new way to find your exercise mojo again?  Learn to transform your core and total body with Pilates, all from the comfort of your home Try this Beginner FIT Pilates course and experience the secret exercise weapon that Victoria's secret Angels, models, Hollywood celebrities, dancers and olympians have used for decades.  Roll out your mat.  And change the way your body looks, performs and feels...... This video based course will help you: Feel fabulous by getting leaner and stronger.   Get THE best plan to integrate a mind body balance, tone up and gain confidence.  Integrate fitness into your life and calendar and fit better into your clothes. Understand the basics of FIT Pilates, form & alignment as well breath & flow. Sculpt and stretch your tummy, back and thighs with easy to follow step by step videos. Learn to use home equipment to build core strength & tone your abs.   Increase flexibilty as you improve posture & look taller. Feel energized- wake up looking forward to your workouts. Develop the mindset to reach your body goals. Stay fit without a gym & feel connected to your body Reduce back pain & muscle stiffness Improve your happiness levels and sleep quality.  All from the comfort of your home!
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