February 2019 by Jessi Albin

February 2019

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February 2019
FEB FIT PLAN Calendar 2019-2.pdf
1.66 MB
Week 1 2.3-2.9
Mon Feb 4 Best Pilates Workout for Legs & Core - 30 minutes Unicorn Fit Fun
30 mins
Tues Feb 5 Pilates in Bed
12 mins
Tuesday 2/5 Bonus Yoga Core Fusion From Insta Challenge
3 mins
Wed Feb 5 NEW Cardio slider sock feb
20 mins
Thurs Feb 7 kettle bell strength flow
2 mins
Fri Feb 8 Foam Roller Total Body Pilates unicorn Workout
27 mins
Sat Feb 9 Tabata Jumps &Squats
5 mins
week 2 2-10-2-16
Mon Feb 11 Magic Circle for Abs Arms & Buns- Core Pilates Workout- Unicorn
11 mins
Tues Feb 12 Bodyweght Cardio Flow Feb
2 mins
Tues Feb 12 Dumbbell Squat Strength Flow Feb
2 mins
Wed Feb 13 Galentines Pillow Workout
17 mins
Thurs Feb 14 Abs & Arm Pilates 25 minute Workout with Dumbbells
25 mins
Fri Feb 15 Foam Roller Lower Body 15 minute workout
16 mins
Sat Feb 16 Slider Sock Workout
week 3 2/17- 2/23
Mon Feb 17day 8 Hipster Pilates Ring Core Butt Inner Thigh.mp4
24 mins
Tuesday Feb 18 Slider Feb Flow
2 mins
Weds Feb 19 Unicorn Band Abs Hips Core Back
22 mins
Thurs Feb 20 Pilates Mat Flow Unicorn Workout
24 mins
Fri Feb 21 Circle Core Hips Obliques and Stretch Unicorn Edition
14 mins
Sat Feb 22 Tababta Bodyweight Blast 5 minute workout holiday
6 mins
Week 4 2/24- 3/2
Mon Feb 24 Perfect Magic Circle Workout for Core & Arms day 5 challenge 14
21 mins
Tues Feb 25 Advanced Pilates mat workout for abs & core
25 mins
Thurs Feb 27 FIT Flow dumbbell 30 min workout
30 mins
Fri Feb 28 how to use the yoga strap loop
25 mins
Sat Mar 1 HIIT Tabata Pilates Cardio Block Workout
8 mins
NEW ❤️February Flows (shorter Workouts)
Advanced Fit Ball Flow
2 mins
Hipster Pilates Ring from Insta Challenge
2 mins
Pilates Bootycamp from insta challenge
2 mins
Magic Circle Insta Challenge
2 mins
Wall Stretches Insta Challenge
1 min
cflex abs insta.mp4
2 mins
day 11 band.mp4
2 mins
slder day 12.mp4
2 mins
hipster pilates ring day 8.mp4
2 mins
yoga core fusion.mp4
3 mins
cflex abs insta.mp4
2 mins
db squat strength flow feb.mp4
2 mins
bodyweght cardio flow feb.mp4
2 mins
slider feb flow.mp4
2 mins
kettle bell strength flow.mp4
2 mins
foam roller igtv .mp4
10 mins

Get FIT, Toned & Flexible.

Welcome to Jessi FIT Pilates Online! 

My mission is to help YOU Strengthen, Stretch AND Smile! 

I have helped thousands of women and men get leaner, longer, more energized, and feel ABS-solutely fabulous in my career.  Now its your turn!. 

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Learn how to:
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  • Chill out and feel great with yoga.
  • No super expensive equipment needed. 
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I'm bringing the very best of Fitness & Wellness - Pilates HIIT Yoga and Barre -right to your smartphone or laptop.  My online studio will give you 24/7 access to the most inspiring Pilates workouts, healthy recipes and so much more .. lets get fit toned and flexible together!