5 Day FIT Challenge by Jessi Albin

5 Day FIT Challenge

Jessi's 5-Day Mini FIT Challenge, 
Get Fit Have Fun! 
Tone up, Strengthen, mobilize & increase energy, 
Reduce pain tension & flab.

Do you need to find your FIT?

Have you lost your will to move?  Does your current routine bore you? Is  your back achy? Those  long hours making it tough to get to the gym?  Maybe  your clothes fit snug?  

Is it time to get your Fit together?  Do you need help getting a routine together you can do at home? I designed this for busy babes who want to tone up , get mobile,  feel GREAT  and to have fun as they do it!

Take the FREE 5 day mini Core Workout Challenge!  

  • Increase Strength & Flexibility
  • Decrease Tension & Achiness
  • Improve Posture & Prevent Injuries
  • Feel energized & Have fun while working out
  • Get on a plan that saves time & money
  • Create a Healthy Pilates Habit 
  • Stretch and reduce tightness
  • Reduce back pain from too much sitting
  • Get mobile and firmer

Here's the deets:

  • 5 Days- Different Core Focused Body Toning Videos
  • 10 min Fun workouts with Underground Beats
  • Pilates, Yoga HIIT Strength & Mobility
  • Deep House, Techno, Future Bass & Beats
  • You'll need dumbbells on 2 days & a band.  Use cans of soup in lieu of DBs... Try  an old pair of stretchy leggings if you don't have a Band.
  • No gym needed!!!

If you’re looking for a fun way to stay transform your core and lengthen your muscles, I can help!  Tone your abs legs and arms as we strengthen your back and stretch your hips & shoulders..  If you’re looking for an effective strategy from a master level trainer that doesn’t take up all your time, I got you! 

I developed this using my experience as a Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor.   I have over 15 certificates in fitness and have helped thousands of babes like you love the way they look, move, and feel!

Learn to get healthy at home!   These are scientifically proven techniques, along with fun ways to stay motivated and on the 

Watch This Video To Learn More


Sara's been working with my online plans for one year
Sara Trapanga

Her results...

Get FIT, Toned & Flexible.

Welcome to Jessi FIT Pilates Online! 

My mission is to help YOU Strengthen, Stretch AND Smile! 

I have helped thousands of women and men get leaner, longer, more energized, and feel ABS-solutely fabulous in my career.  Now its your turn!. 

Does your busy schedule make it so that you can't get to the gym or studio regularly?

Well,- No Studio?? NO PROBLEM!  

Learn Pilates & Fitness from a REAL expert with 17 years and over 24,000 hours of experience.  Enjoy all the benefits of machine Pilates, and boutique fitness in the comfort of YOUR home using small props or just your own bodyweight.  My signature method will get you  FIT, Flexible and Firm NOW... 

Learn how to:
  • Transform your core with Pilates
  • Move & perform better with functional fitness
  • Reduce stiffness from too much sitting or driving, 
  • Lengthen and Tone your muscles
  • Chill out and feel great with yoga.
  • No super expensive equipment needed. 
  •  Go Green & reduce your carbon footprint without having to drive, Uber or bus to the gym again. 

I'm bringing the very best of Fitness & Wellness - Pilates HIIT Yoga and Barre -right to your smartphone or laptop.  My online studio will give you 24/7 access to the most inspiring Pilates workouts, healthy recipes and so much more .. lets get fit toned and flexible together!


How long do I have access?

I will keep the challenge videos up so you can return anytime!  But the giveaway ends on 11/11

I'm a total beginner, is this challenge for me?

Congrats on taking the first step!  I know how scary this can be and I am happy you're here!  Some exercise experience is ideal, as there will be cardio burts.  This is not your Grandma's rehab pilates- this is designed to burn a few more calories than traditional mat pilates.   Check in with your doctor before starting this or any exercise plan

What can I expect to get out of the 5 Day Challenge?

Learn how to maximize your precious time while  experiencing the dramatically improved strength, flexibility, energy levels, and  posture benefits of Yoga Pilates and intense burst of exercise..   YNo more expensive gyms or studios.   

Who is the 5 Day FIT Challenge for?

Anyone that needs quick exercise routines that focus on core strength and mobility that you can do anywhere anytime. 

It's perfect for busy folks that are interested in learning Mind/ Body  Fitness and Pilates with Intense bursts to maximize their valuable time.    Get fit right from the comfort of your living room. 

This is a higher intensity program so it is not recommended for those with injuries.